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We WON 1st Place at the 2005 L.A. County Fair!!

This is my Dollhouse story!

My Dad and I built this Dollhouse together over the first few months of 2005. It is nearly four feet tall and has six rooms. I wanted to show you how it was built. The 'Building the House' page has pictures of it being built.

While under construction .......

I chose the wallpaper designs, and all the floorcoverings. I also helped install all the carpet, wood floor and bathroom linoleum. I helped my Dad with the wallpaper in several of the rooms.

Painting the Dollhouse .......

My Dad let me pick the blue colors for the outside of my Dollhouse. I painted the outside of the big walls light blue. My dad painted all the small hard parts. When it was all blue, I was very happy! 

So many things to do .......

My dad had so many things to build! The windows had to be built. The stairs were single steps glued together. The railings were little round sticks all glued together to look like a railing.

Building the Dollhouse ....
My Dad took pictures along the way while building my Dollhouse. He arranged them on the 'Building the House' page in the order as it was being built. I hope you enjoy them as much as I do!

The furniture .......

All the rooms were so much fun to decorate. Buying the baby's room furniture was the best! I had to buy stuff for the entire house, just like it was real!!

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My Dad can build you a Dollhouse, too! Dollhouses by JAD